Patient Testimonials


"I first went to to Dr. Simek at the advice of my sister. I've never regretted it. His care, advice and treatment have always been in line with my level of pain - opting always for the best treatment, while always allowing room for other methods of treatment based on the severity of my pain. He and his staff have been nothing but kind, understanding and professional, which when seeking treatment for chronic pain, certainly enhances the overall experience for me as a patient. Thanks to Dr. Simek's care, I'm able to enjoy being as active as I like, doing my favorite things."      Lori J.


"I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Simek and his staff. I call him Dr. Magic Mike becuase he treats all the pains I have with care, concern and great results. There is never a long wait for an appointment or in the office waiting room. Each person on his staff is friendly, kind, professional, and they provide excellent care and follow up. Dr. Simek and Jan are the best at what they do - relieve pain in a gentle, thorough way. I recommend this practice, all the time."    Maureen


"Have you ever had a sciatic nerve pain so bad, you would drag your leg or couldn't stand a blanket to touch your leg? This was me approximately nine years ago. It was recommended that I see Dr. Simek. Dr. Mike evaluated my problem and gave me a choice on how to handle it. I was finally pain free! Amen! Over the years, I have gotten to know his staff - caring and happy people to set me at ease when I am in pain. When I need help, they are always there for me. At 77, I have found that life is more fun without pain!"   Tom S., Mt. Vernon, OH


"I have been a patient of Dr. Simek for nearly 5 years, being treated for spinal and hip problems. Dr. Simek is excellent in his field of medicine and rehabilitation. I recommend him very highly to anyone needing a doctor in his chosen field of expertise."   Charlotte J.